Our Groovey Flavors:

(Not all cupcakes available everyday)

Our Signature Woodstock Tie-Dye : Tender Vanilla Tie-Dye Cake with Very Vanilla Tie-Dye Buttercream
The Winner!: My Food Network Winning Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake with a Yummy Rich Chocolate Frosting to boot!
The Chocolate Snowball: Chocolate Devil's Food Cake with Creamiest Cream Cheese Frosting and Topped with Lots of Flaked Coconut.
The Peppermint Twist: Chocolate Devil's Food Cake with a Peppermint Patty Surprise, topped with Peppermint/Vanilla Buttercream.
The Ginger Baker: Zingy Gingerbread with Vanilla and Spice Cream Cheese Frosting.
The Dylan: Moist Carrot Cake with the Creamiest Cream Cheese Frosting
The Band: Big Pink Strawberry Cake and Frosting
The Arlo Guthrie:  Fudgy Brownie Cake with Dark Fudgy Frosting
The Janis Joplin:  Red Velvet Cake with Southern Comfort Cheese Frosting/Virgin Janis Joplin's are available as well
The Santana:  Lemony Lemon Cake and Lemony Buttercream
The Johnny Winter:  Coconut Cake, Coconut Filling with Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting
The Blood, Sweat and Tears: Chocolate Brownie Cake Swirled with a Sweet and Salty Peanut Butter Filling and topped with Double Fudge Frosting
The Big Pink: Moist Buttermilk Cake filled with Raspberry Jam and topped with Raspberry Buttercream.
The Jimi Hendrix: Triple Shot Espresso Cake with Intense Mocha Buttercream
The Van Morrison:  Chocolate Stout Cake with Chocolate Stout Frosting
The John Sebastian: Vanilla Tie-Dye Cake with Chocolatey Buttercream
The Who:  Vanilla Cake filled with Nutella and topped with Nutella Frosting
The Jefferson Airplane: Moist Chocolatey Devil's Food Cake with Psychedelic, Surrealistic Vanilla Frosting.
The Swami Satchidinanda:  Purest White Cake with Vanilla Bean Buttercream

Raw-volution!! Creamy-Raw-Organic-and Gluten-Free!

Made with a base of organic raw cashews and an almond/date crust.
Lip Puckering Lemony Lemon

The 99% Gluten Free

The 99% Brownie
The 99% Peanut Butter Brownie with Double Fudge Frosting
The 99% Vanilla Tie-Dye Cake with Vanilla Tie-Dye Buttercream


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The Chocolate Snowball--Chocolate Devil's Food Cake with Creamiest Cream Cheese Frosting and Topped with Lots of Flaked Coconut.
The Teen Angel Food--Vanilla Angel Food Cake with a Vanilla Glaze--FAT-FREE!